Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of products does 13th Floor Cannabis offer?

We are committed to ensuring our inventory is constantly monitored and updated to reflect the tastes of our customers. We offer a wide range of product strains and potencies in a number of consumption options. Our diverse line of dried buds and oils are supported by our line of accessories which include a selection of vapes, bongs, pipes, trays, and papers.

Which communities does 13th Floor Cannabis operate within?

13th Floor Cannabis currently has two locations. One in Silver Springs, Calgary and another in Cooper’s Crossing, Airdrie. For contact details and directions, you can visit our Store Location’s page.

Where can I go to learn more about Cannabis?

We are committed to providing our customers with informative, educational material on all things cannabis. You can check out our products page for more information on consumption options and general knowledge. For information on Alberta’s cannabis laws and updates, we encourage you to check out the AGLC’s website here: AGLC Cannabis.

How much Cannabis can I buy at once?

Individuals can purchase up to 30 grams in a single transaction. It is illegal for a person to have more than 30 grams in their possession publicly at any time.

What’s behind the name “13th Floor Cannabis?”

The number 13 has long been considered superstitious. There’s even a term for fear of the notorious number: triskaidekaphobia. Over time, the superstition has become so pervasive that elevators in many tall buildings “skip” the number 13 in avoidance. And, of course, Friday the 13th is a day noted by many.

The letter “M” for Marijuana or “Mary Jane” also happens to be the thirteenth letter in the alphabet and, like the number 13, mystery has long been associated with marijuana and marijuana products. Taken together, we thought 13th Floor Cannabis was a fitting name for our company.

Why are your prices higher than some of your competitors?

13th Floor Cannabis is not your average cannabis dispensary in Calgary. On the 13th Floor, we offer an extensive variety of premium cannabis products that you may not find at other cannabis retail stores. Premium cannabis is grown in small batches, handpicked, hand trimmed, and cured longer than value brands. More thought also goes into its research and cultivation. The result is a smooth, clean burn and a beautiful high not found in many value brands.

We are also constantly bringing new and novel products into our stores. Looking for weed edibles in Calgary? We offer more than 60 types of gummies in all sorts of different combinations and flavors – including flavors rarely found at other retailers (such as elderberry). We also don’t have minimum orders, which enables us to support craft growers, allowing our customers to experience a wide variety of products from big and small growers alike. Not only that, but the quality of our product tends to be higher, too. (For example, many of our vape cartridges contain live resin/rosin, live terpenes, and shatter – not just distillates.)

Like many things in life, you get what you pay for – but that doesn’t mean we are one of the most expensive weed shops in Calgary or Airdrie. Our pricing is fair and in line with others for many popular products.

How is 13th Floor Cannabis different than other cannabis retailers?

With two locations – one in Calgary and one in Airdrie, 13th Floor Cannabis is proud to be an independent Calgary retailer. When you visit any of our locations, you’re likely to see the same faces each time you come in. We have incredible staff and management who are exceptionally knowledgeable about our product lines and take the time to help you select the best product for your needs. Our budtenders truly know our products – including the best of the value products we sell. And because our staff isn’t incentivized by the commission, you can trust their product recommendations. In short: shopping at 13th Floor Cannabis isn’t transactional – it’s an experience.

Which product has the highest THC?

This is a question we often get because people tend to equate high THC with the quality of a high. Quality cannabis, however, isn’t determined by THC quantity. Getting a product with a high amount of THC isn’t necessarily the best bang for your buck. Quality products shouldn’t get you high super quickly only to have you come crashing down. That’s one of the reasons we recommend craft cannabis: for the quality of the product and the quality of the high.

Do you carry CBD oil?

Yes! We carry CBD oil in Calgary and at our Airdrie location. We also carry a wide range of CBN products, which are known to help with inflammation and sleep, as well as CBG products, which can provide a euphoric feeling (even during the day!) without the negative effects of THC. Like CBD, both CBN and CBG are non-psychoactive. We also just introduced Delta-8 THC products, which contain a milder version of THC; these products can also produce a euphoric feeling and are not as psychoactive as traditional THC products.

Why should I purchase my CBD oil from 13th Floor Cannabis?

At 13th Floor Cannabis, we strongly believe in the health and wellness side of cannabis – and we don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all answer for everyone. We carry an extensive selection – including products that combine a variety of cannabinoids. Our knowledgeable staff take time to find the products best suited to your unique needs. We also offer capsules in varying strengths to cater to different consumption preferences.

Why are some products available at certain locations but not at others?

13th Floor has two locations: one in Calgary (Silver Springs) and one in Airdrie with different customer bases at each location. If there’s a product you want at one of our other locations, you can purchase it online and then pick it up in-store at your convenience.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we sure do. 13th Floor has entered into a strategic relationship with an independent delivery service called Puffski. Please see On-Demand Delivery tab. You can still place an order online and pick up in-store.