Top 10 SKUs at 13th Floor Cannabis

As we’re feeling the high of a new year, we can’t help but reflect on the previous year, which includes a look at the cannabis products our customers were most interested in. From pre-rolls and dried flowers to vaping products, here are the Top 10 SKUs at 13th Floor Cannabis for 2022. Spoiler alert… pre-rolls are apparently where it’s at for our Calgary and Airdrie cannabis stores.

1. Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush Dried Flower

Coming in high at number 1 from BC’s West Coast is Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush 3.5g dried flower. A close relative of the legendary OG Kush, Pink Kush brings high THC potential, and colourful flowers, and exudes aromas like orange, butterscotch, coffee, and grapefruit.

2. Endgame Astro Pink Vape Cartridge

Pink Kush was a popular choice for 2022. Endgame’s Astro Pink Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge comes in a 1.0g cartridge delivering more of BC’s West Coast Pink Kush in a vape form. This will let you enjoy similar hits of sweet, earthy, and savoury flavours of the OG Kush’s relative.

3. General Admission Vape Cartridges

Imagine this, a slice of sweet peach hitting you every time you inhale. Yup, that’s what Peach Ringz pre-filled vape cartridge brings with sticky, sweet, and a blast of sour rounded out by floral notes. Other GA 0.95g prefilled vape cartridges that hit the top of the buying list include Honeydew Boba and Tiger Blood.

4. Dab Bods Live Resin and Shatter Vape Cartridges

Dab Bods are creating a mystery experience for your smoking enjoyment. The Mystery Live Resign 1.0g prefilled vape cartridge delivers a mix of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids for a full spectrum encounter. If you’re feeling more of a fruity experience, try other top sellers such as Hawaiian FSE Shatter and Pineapple Punch Live Resin.

5. Redecan Wappa Redees+ Multi-Pack Pre-Rolls

A match made in heaven has come in at number 5. The Redecan Wappa Redees+ pre-rolls are infused with pure THC and a skunky yet fruity aroma from the Wappa indica. A big tip of that hat to the high levels of myrcene and caryophyllene in the indica ensure you receive an even burn experience. Even better, they come in a compact 10-pack with 0.4g per roll… convenient right?

6. Hiway Pre-Roll

Flying across the country from Ontario, Hiway has their two-pack of 1x1g pre-rolled joints in either sativa or indica waiting to be lit. Rolled evenly for the most exquisite burn, these pre-rolls are chosen from a variety of plants for the best smoking consistency.

7. Craft Cannabis Pre-Roll

Calling those with a sweet tooth! Carmel Cannabis – Animal Face’s high potency 0.5 g pre-rolls bring unique flavours of lemon and cake. To top it off, the flower is hang-dried, hand trimmed, slow cold cured, and hand packaged tight in a nitrogen-flushed pouch for ultimate flavour.

8. Dab Bods Infused Pre-Roll

If you truly love cannabis and fruit, Dab Bods pre-rolls are the rave. The 3-pack of blueberry resin-infused pre-rolls are 0.5 g each, consisting of locally grown bud and their top-selling resin. Keep it going with other top-infused pre-rolls such as Grape Ape and Diesel Kush.

9. General Admission Infused Pre-Rolls

Number 9 features a variety of 3-pack 0.5g distillate-infused pre-rolls… we’re seeing a pattern with pre-rolls. Tiger Blood’s punch of watermelon, strawberry, and coconut flavours will have you pretending you’re somewhere tropical – quite fitting this time of year. Following is Honeydew Boba with melon and a hint of spice, and the Taster Pack Assortment allows you to determine your favourite smoke.

10. Tantalus Lab High THC Pre-Rolls

Finally, squeezing in the Top 10 is Tantalus Labs’’ High THC Pacific OG 0.5g Pre-Rolls. Bred from Nepali OG and Snow Lotus, each pre-roll provides earthy notes crossed with subtle hints of licorice and an undertone of black cherry. This 3-pack is rolling full of flavour that will get you and your taste buds soaring high.

13th Floor Cannabis will keep you rolling through the new year with ease. Shop online or in-person at our three stores across Calgary and Airdrie and let our cannabis experts hash out the right products with you. In the meantime, check out select BC and Alberta Craft Cannabis and top cannabis producers across Canada.