5 Alberta Grown Craft Cannabis Companies That You Should Try

13th Floor Cannabis strives to curate the most unique offering of local craft cannabis products available on the market. Our goal is to be the best cannabis shop in Calgary and Airdrie for local and craft cannabis products and knowledge. We would love for you to come visit to see how our selection differs from the competition, and we are always open to your feedback and suggestion on all things local and craft cannabis!

Craft cannabis is grown in small batches using cutting-edge cultivation techniques. It is a high-quality hand-picked, hand-cured, hand-trimmed, organic cannabis grown by eco-conscious cultivators. While there is a growing number of local craft producers coming onto the market, we thought we would help you by narrowing down some recommendations about 5 Alberta grown craft cannabis producers that we think you should try. They include:

Pool Boy

Grown by 314 Pure Cannabis in Crossfield, Alberta, this husband-and-wife team are dedicated to small batch craft cannabis. Their 16-acre state of the art, no-waste facility is built to the highest standards. 314 Pure boasts that they always have 75 unique cultivars in their cloning room, allowing them to mobilize on any strain very quickly. Poolboy currently offers 8 strains in their collection of flower and pre-rolls with their newest and highest THC, Powdered Donuts! Next up… Dad Hash – a solventless concentrate and 2 extract infused rolls that will literally blow you away!


Located inside the city limits of Calgary, Alberta, BOAZ operates a state-of-the-art, 20,000-square-foot facility that utilizes environmentally friendly grow pods. Each grow pod features a unique atmosphere specially designed for the strain being grown. Their mission is simple – to grow the highest quality cannabis possible in an environmentally friendly way! From watering to drying, trimming to curing, even packaging, everything is done by hand, so you know you are getting nothing but the best from this craft cannabis brand.

Natural History

Grown out of Edmonton, Alberta, this producer is known for their premium small batch genetics and grow. They are always pushing the envelope to create products that are nothing like we’ve seen before! Their cannabis cultivation specialists carefully research and select each cultivar in their collections. Their team has a wealth of knowledge in the history of cannabis genetics and they are dedicated to the creation of inspired, interesting cultivars.

Stigma Grow

Stigma Grow is the umbrella company of Blend Craft and Dab Bods and is on the mission to grow for all Canadians. Their products are designed to disturb the status quo and shift the conversation around Canada’s legal cannabis industry. Their team’s strong background allows them to achieve a wide range of profiles that ensures that their products offer a high-quality experience.


Ogen is A small-batch, premium craft cannabis producer in Calgary, Alberta. They specialize in doing everything by hand. Harvest to trip – everything is done old school.

They call themselves connoisseurs – not mass producers and their practices allow them to achieve a higher quality because of their level of care. They hang dry, hand trim, and hand package every bud they grow, and their customers can immediately tell the difference.

Consumers increasingly want to know more about the product they buy and what makes it special, and craft cannabis producers have an amazing story to tell. We encourage you check out the growing assortment of amazing product coming from our local craft cannabis industry at the best cannabis shop in Calgary and Airdrie for local craft cannabis supply. Shop 13th Floor Cannabis online or visit one of our two locations today to learn more.