Why try British Columbia craft cannabis?

British Columbia weed is highly ranked within the nation thanks to the thousands of world-renowned craft farmers who call the province home. Craft cannabis producers are focused on small, high-quality batches. Hand harvesting and other detailed cultivation methods distinguish craft producers from larger operations. Environmentally and resource-friendly cultivation allows you to enjoy a sustainable, superior cannabis experience.

There’s no doubt there’s an overwhelming number of great options to choose from. We help narrow it down with five British Columbia licensed craft producers you should try:

  1. Qwest – Located in Creston Valley in the Kootenay region, Qwest believes in honouring the entire plant from cure to extraction. Grown with glacial mountain water, only the best buds are selected from each lot to produce the most flavourful, terpene-rich extract. Qwest is passionate about what it does, and wants your cannabis to be clean, smooth, and decadent. Try their Apple Mac Flower or Pre-rolls for a combined juicy apple element with potent, dank and rich diesel.
  2. Broken Coast – Despite being located on the shores of the Salish Sea, Broken Coast cannabis is grown in an indoor facility to eliminate environmental variables, control temperature, airflow, and humidity. Custom-built, small laboratory-grade rooms each grow a single strain to provide optimal conditions for each variety. Slow cured to maximize flavour and potency, they do not believe in rushing the process. According to Broken Coast, real quality takes time, a human eye, and a well-trained hand to maintain their premium flower and reputation. Add Platinum Garlic, Broken Coast’s sweet, savory and absolutely stunning, to your must-try list. Possessing pungent onion and bold garlic aromas with intense sweetness and a touch of vanilla.
  3. 1964 Supply Co – This producer is all about the sustainable, natural approach with their high-quality craft cannabis in the Fraser Valley. The plants are grown within a secret (!) mix of British Columbia sourced organic soil, without artificial inputs, in a hybrid greenhouse where they receive full spectrum sunlight. They believe this yields the best flavour possible while embodying the true spirit of what craft cannabis should be. One of Canada’s most popular legacy strains, Organic Comatose’s flower is dense, high in THC, and earthy with citrusy fragrances.
  4. Good Buds – Grown on Salt Spring Island, this family-run farm relies on the relationship between microorganisms and the plant’s root system to raise healthier plants. Using living organic soils, any unused plant matter is recycled back into the soil to increase the next batch’s nutrients. Enjoying the fresh, salty ocean breeze gives their plants a unique flavour and sticky quality distinctive to the area’s climate. Try Good Buds Mango Taffie pre-rolls for juicy mango aromas and potent THC.
  5. Tantalus Labs – Located in the Fraser Valley, Tantalus Labs is using the natural elements of the area to maximize their sustainable cultivation. Spending four years designing and building a unique greenhouse, they equipped the roof of their lab with a rainwater catchment system. This means they are using 100% captured and triple-filtered rainwater to produce clean-burning, quality cannabis. A staple of dessert strains, Wedding Crashers flower is potent with hints of floral and forest.

Trying craft cannabis can take your weed experience to the next level. If you’d prefer home grown, you can find five local Alberta grown craft cannabis companies to try here. You can also find further recommendations and information located on our blog and at our cannabis shop in stores or online. Our weed shops offer an amazing selection with more than 400 items in stock. If you’re wondering where to buy legal cannabis in Calgary or for cannabis stores in Airdrie, come up to 13th Floor Cannabis and visit us today!