What is Local Craft Cannabis?

Over the years, we have heard time and time again the importance of supporting local. So, why wouldn’t we support a local craft Cannabis grower? At its core, craft cannabis is the preferred choice to mass-produced products with questionable pesticide use and growing methods. Artisan-made cannabis is providing consumers with carefully cultivated organic and small-batched products. 13th Floor Cannabis offers a unique offering of local craft cannabis growers making them a preferred cannabis dispensary in Calgary. Let’s learn more about what craft cannabis is, what the benefits are and how it is locally grown.

What is Craft Cannabis?

Craft cannabis is grown in small batches using cutting-edge cultivation techniques. It is a high-quality hand-picked, hand-cured, hand-trimmed, organic cannabis grown by eco-conscious cultivators. Because of its organic nature, it is chemical-free for consumers. In addition to its high quality, craft cannabis is also local, providing meaningful employment directly to our economy.


What are the benefits of local Craft Cannabis?

Although craft cannabis is pricier, the price reflects passion, care, and unique seed-to-harvest methods employed by artisan growers. Craft cannabis plays an important role in our communities, providing a quality product, generating jobs, establishing comradery, and environmentally friendly techniques.


  1. Quality: unlike mass producers, local craft growers focus heavily on quality vs. quantity. Thus, ensuring high-quality practices, broader choice, and unique offerings. Small craft producers focus on quality, focusing their efforts on smaller areas where growers can control and influence plant growth-producing consistent top-quality cannabis.
  2. Community: craft business directly impacts our local communities, generating opportunities and jobs. Craft business creates a strong foundation for community development, building lifestyles and traditions within.
  3. Economy: by supporting local craft, our communities are diversifying and influencing the market. This can generate many employment opportunities leading to valuable revenue for our economy.
  4. Sustainability: cannabis is a renewable agricultural resource, and the craft cannabis movement is sustainable in multiple ways. Craft growers are actively taking more aggressive steps to use organic pesticides or beneficial insects to cultivate products.


How is Craft Cannabis Grown

There is an abundance of dedication that goes into growing craft cannabis. Local growers specialize in holding a high-quality standard through every step of the production stage. Curing and trimming is a major factor in quality with handling at an utmost importance. The post-production process is where craft growers differentiate from mass producers with hand-trimmed, dried, and hand-packaged products. Craft production makes it easier to control the input that contributes to the plant and final product.

The industry is moving in a direction where consumers want to know more about their product and what makes it special. Therefore, supporting local craft growers will cater to consumers’ unique and fresh cannabis needs. Try out some of your local craft cannabis suppliers at the best shop cannabis Calgary today, 13th Floor Cannabis. Shop from a variety of products online or visit one of our two locations today.