What Are Infused Pre-Rolls?

You know that 13 th Floor Cannabis is where to buy legal cannabis in Calgary. What you may not know is what an infused pre-roll is. Let’s hash it out.

What are infused pre-rolls?
Infused pre-rolls are pre-made joints that include hash, kief, shatter, or other cannabis extracts that are added to increase their potency. Discerning cannabis users appreciate the higher concentration of THC that infused pre-rolls provide. (Interestingly, Headset designates infused pre-rolls as part of the “Connoisseur/Infused segment.”) The cannabis extract may be inside or outside the joint; when it’s on the outside, the pre-roll is sometimes referred to as a Tarantula, thanks to its brown, fuzzy, tarantula-like look. The concentrate is often bubble hash (which is made with ice water and bubbles when it’s smoked) or wax (which – you guessed it – looks like wax). Sizes of pre-rolls can vary from small to large, but one thing is for certain: they’re becoming bigger in demand – and they’re now available for sale in Canada.

Where to buy infused pre-rolls in Calgary?
13 th Floor Cannabis currently has a variety of infused pre-rolls for you to try, including the following:

    • RAD Doobies Reserve GLTO (Gelato) Infused Pre-Rolls offer a hella potent strain in a totally unique format, with an infused and flavoured distillate core, skillfully crafted and wrapped to perfection with premium pre-roll wraps. Find fruity and citrus flavours with 38-44% THC in this hybrid strain
    • Good Supply’s Hash Bats: Starwalker Kush and Jean Guy Hash-Infused Pre-Rolls are both flower-infused with potent hash that deliver a next-level experience in the convenience of a handcrafted 0.5 g pre-roll.
    • 314 Pure Premium Hash-Infused Pre-Roll combines the purity of solventless hash with prime cannabis flower to create a premium hand-rolled joint coming in at a robust 49.9% THC. It’s meticulously crafted to create an exemplary product for the refined palette.

Diamond Infused
If you’re looking for something extra shiny and new, consider diamond pre-rolls. Diamonds are highly pure crystalline solids than can be made from any cannabinoid. On their own, they are virtually flavourless – which is why they’re typically dabbed. At 13 th Floor Cannabis, we carry Qwest’s Sour Tangie Diamond-Infused Pre-Rolls. Qwest is rejuvenating the gems of our past harvests by dripping them in diamonds (THCa to be more specific). Sour Tangie

Infused pre-rolls will make you pucker. Effervescent, tart, sour and citrus – this is a mimosa served in a juice box: a very potent punch.

Hash Sticks
Perfect for discerning cannabis connoisseurs. Hazel Sticks are hand-crafted, pre-rolled pure hash joints. Undeniably unique, flavourful, and convenient for those who enjoy concentrates and those who wish to try them. They were originally created in the interior of British Columbia by individuals passionate about hash and they’re now available in the adult-use, retail market – including at the best cannabis shop in Calgary: 13th Floor! You can count on 13 th Floor Cannabis to be in the know and to always have the latest products. Whether you’re looking for weed edibles in Calgary or infused pre-rolls, we’ve got it all. Visit us up on the 13th Floor today!