The Best Cannabis Products to Try When Camping

Camping is the ultimate way to kick back and have fun. Whether you’re looking to party all night long or relax and become one with nature, here are our top cannabis picks to pack for your next nature stay – from one of the best cannabis stores in Calgary.

Sitka Weedworks Motor Breath 3 x 0.5g pre-rolls

Sitka Weed Works Motor Breath is a combination of two classic cultivars producing a mix of SFV OG Kush with Chemdog gas. The bud structure is tight and medium sized, drenched in trichomes and crystals. It has flavours of earthy lemon with notes of citrus and gas. It produces a smooth, heavy-hitting indica smoke, with flavour of citrus and diesel exhales.

Sitka Weedworks Animal Sorbet 3 x 0.5g pre-rolls

Everything micro-producer Quadessence touches turns into a delectable treat, and Animal Sorbet is no different. The love and care Quadessence places into its buds gets experienced in every pouch. The curing is perfected, creating a nose that will blow your mind and want you keeping the package open all day long. The aromas are sweet with gas and cream on the nose, plus a hint of spicy, sour citrus. Flavours are a nutty cookie, with a floral undertone. Each pre-roll cone is carefully packed and visually checked to ensure a consistent and satisfying smoking experience.

GreenSeal Cannabis Citrus Skunk 3 x 0.5g pre-rolls

Citrus Skunk is a high-THC, terpene-rich sativa combining uplifting, energizing effects with delicious tropical fruit flavours and aromas. The sensory experience when consuming this aromatic, skunky, highly potent sativa kicks off with a bright splash of citrusy/sour Limonene sunshine on inhale, subtly followed by the sweet, musky Myrcene undertone of a fully ripened mango on exhale.

All Good Collective Chill (Indica) and Vibe (Sativa) Live Resin Rechargeable Disposable Vape Pens

All Good Chill vapes are an indica live resin while Vibe Live Resin Rechargeable Disposable Vape Pens are a sativa live resin; both are 1 g disposable rechargeable all-in-1 vaping solutions. All Good Chill vapes finally provide a solution for the inconvenient 510 battery and cartridge delivery method. This grab-and-go concept allows customers to grab a 1 g vape from their nearest store and enjoy delicious live resin disposable vapes without the need for a battery. These live resin vapes are filled with the highest quality of proprietary hydrocarbon extracted cannabis and are loaded with natural terpenes and cannabinoids to maximize the entourage effect. These devices are rechargeable with standard USB-C charging cable (not included).

Prefer the OG way to consume cannabis? They’re also available in a convenient 10 x 0.35 pre-rolls in cigarette style format.

Canna Squarz

CANNA SQUARZ have ZERO Cannabis tase, are naturally fast-acting, and use an extract that is 100% formulated for your edibles experience. Try one (or all!) of these incredible flavours:

Mini Doughnuts Full Spectrum Chocolate

The mini doughnut taste without the trip to the county fair. You get all flavour and no cannabis taste. Allowing you to fully enjoy all the cinnamon and sugar goodness with every bite.

Key Lime Pie Full Spectrum Chocolate

A delicious bite of sweet graham cracker mixed with a punch of key lime. We have recreated this dessert classic to perfection. If you love Key Lime Pie, you need to try these.

Orange Dreamsicle Full Spectrum Chocolate

It’s the summertime classic frozen treat you have enjoyed for years. Creamy vanilla mixed with tangy orange makes for the perfect flavour pairing. Everyday can be a summer day.

Root Beer Float Full Spectrum Chocolate

There’s nothing better than those foamy bubbles in a root beer float. We nailed the flavour of ice cream mixed with a cold root beer to bring you this refreshing edible experience.

Before you head out in the great outdoors and pitch your tent, hit up 13th Floor Cannabis. Whether you’re looking for Calgary cannabis stores near me or weed edibles Calgary, weed be happy to help you out!