The Best Activities to Pair with Edibles

At 13th Floor Cannabis, we are all about taking our customer’s cannabis experience to the next level and want to be your go-to source for edibles in Calgary & area. Our cannabis connoisseurs know that your experience with cannabis goes beyond just the products, which is why we’ve put together a list of our favourite things to do that are enhanced by taking weed edibles!


1. Movies

One of the easiest and, for some, most entertaining activities to do while consuming edibles is to watch a good movie. Cannabis has the ability to heighten your movie-watching experience, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a relaxing night in with snacks and your favourite flick?


2. Hiking or Camping

Help yourself slow down long enough for you to “smell the roses” on your next hiking or camping trip. If you have been following along on 13th Floor’s social media platforms (follow us on Instagram and Facebook!), you will have seen our Budtenders Pick of the Week feature on our Canna Banana Chips! These edibles are the best way to level up your trail mix on your next hiking adventure!


3. Going to a BBQ

What better way to spend a day outside than to have a BBQ and relax with some edibles? This is also a great way to enjoy a beverage if you are not drinking alcohol. Our expert cannabis connoisseurs recommend the cannabis-infused Raspberry Iced Tea. This naturally flavoured beverage has a Sativa dominant distillate and is best enjoyed chilled – perfect for a summer’s day!

4. Listening to Music

Depending on the dosage and the music you’re listening to, cannabis edibles allow you to feel the music in a completely different way. It can increase the connection you feel to the sound and give you a newfound appreciation for the artist who created it – just imagine the feeling you would experience listening to live music! Edibles may even inspire you to play or create music of your own!

5. Arts and Crafts

Leave it to edibles to bring out your creative side! Express yourself with paint, dance, pencils & pens, digital art, photography. No matter what your creative outlet or medium you prefer to use, you may find that this is a relaxing, therapeutic, and new favourite activity for you!

6. Catch some ZZZ’s

Sometimes we need a power nap to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Indulge in a low-dose edible and curl up in a quiet space. Release yourself of your daily stresses and responsibilities by taking a moment to a mid-day snooze. Help your mind unwind at the end of the day.

7. Master Chef

Time to put your cooking skills to the test! Those munchies are bound to kick in, and nothing is more satisfying than playing your own personal chef. Whether you are craving some chocolate chip cookies or a gourmet meal, get in the kitchen and whip up some yummy food. We even have infused sugar to help you make you own edibles at home.


Have we inspired your next trip? We sure hope so! Not sure where to buy legal cannabis in Calgary? Visit 13th Floor Cannabis for all your gummies and edible needs. We’d love to hear which activities you do while consuming cannabis edibles the next time you are in-store or picking up from shopping online.