Take a Breather: 10 Ways to De-Stress in 2021 – It’s been a long year.

Between the demands of daily life and the challenges of living during a global pandemic, stress is at an all-time high. 13th Floor Cannabis offers an array of products that will help provide those zen vibes. From eucalyptus bath bombs to green sencha whole leaf tea, to a variety of products that contain CBD, our Airdrie and Calgary shop offer a multitude of options to reduce your stress levels. Looking for more ways to reduce your stress levels? Here’s our ultimate guide to de-stressing in 2021.

  1. Exercise
    Physical activity not only improves your overall health but also releases feel-good endorphins. What’s the best type of exercise? Any activity that you enjoy.
  2. Do Yoga
    Yoga can be an effective way to centre yourself by combining movement with breath. If the thought of doing yoga has you saying “Um” instead of “Om,” consider different types of yoga such as restorative yoga – or even laughter yoga!
  3. Meditate
    For some people, meditating can be a stressful experience. While it can be challenging, it’s worth it: not only can meditation decrease stress, it also has several other 
    science-based benefits.
  4. Go Outside
    Mother Nature is the ultimate nurturer. Sunshine can 
    increase your serotonin levels and help improve your sleep. Sleep helps reduce stress and reduced stress helps improve sleep. It’s a win-win! 
  5. Find a Pet 
    You don’t need to own a pet to reap the benefits of stress reduction. Research shows simply petting a pup 
    decreases cortisol and playing with one increases oxytocin (the love hormone).
  6. Volunteer
    While volunteering is a selfless act, it comes with 
    benefits. Helping others can help give you a sense of purpose and a feeling of appreciation, which can help decrease stress.
  7. Surround Yourself with People – Or Don’t
    For some people, being alone is the ultimate way to de-stress; for other people, being around others is the most effective way to decompress.
  8. Indulge
    They don’t call it “comfort food” for no reason. 
    Certain foods can help boost serotonin while others can help decrease stress hormones. 
  9. Drink (Water)
    It may seem like a good idea to turn to alcohol in times of trouble; however, alcohol’s long-term effects may 
    make it harder to deal with stress. Consider grabbing an ice-cold glass of water instead. Studies have shown that being dehydrated by only 500 ml can increase your stress hormone levels. 
  10. Consider CBD!
    Cannabis is a natural substance that people have used to combat stress for many centuries. More recently, studies have found cannabidiol  
    (CBD) to be useful in treating both anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. Unlike marijuana, which contains a large quantity of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC – the substance that can make you feel “high”), CBD, which is derived from hemp, contains less than 0.3 percent THC. You can reap the benefits of CBD by using it topically or by inhaling or ingesting it. 

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