Our 10 Favourite Craft Cannabis Producers Across Canada

Buying legal weed products doesn’t have to be intimidating. 13th Floor Cannabis strives to be the best cannabis shop in Calgary and Airdrie providing expertise to equip you with unique, local craft cannabis products. From edibles and THC-dried flowers to CBD and topicals, here are 10 of our favourite craft cannabis producers across Canada.


1. 1964 Supply Co

Quality craft cannabis is at the forefront of 1964, a sustainable producer in the Fraser Valley, BC. Ensuring their hash and dried flower products express aroma and flavour to the highest potential, 1964’s plants are grown within soil equipped with a secret mix of BC-grown ingredients. 


2. Sunshower

Looking for a chill, occasional vibe, or seeking every day? Alberta-produced Sunshower’s edibles are Canada’s best-tasting cannabis-infused gummies and come in a range of doses to get you in your ideal mood. Select from flavours like Blueberry Moon and Blood Orange, or higher THC gummies like Wild Strawberry, and wait for it…. Spicy Dill Pickle.


3. 314 Pure

No one wants to get caught with the pool boy, but in this case, it’s okay. Small-batch cannabis producer, 314 Pure, is Alberta grown and has introduced Poolboy to the world, their first cannabis brand to market. Grown to the highest standards using state-of-the-art technology, 314 Pure’s Poolboy allows you to head off the deep end (responsibly) with infused pre-rolls and coming soon bong-ready Beach Balls.


4. Ogen

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect blunt, fear not. Ogen produces its cannabis flowers through a 14-stage process starting with pheno-hunting and finishing with testing and process improvement – quality control, right? From Freshly Baked to fruit-explosion Megaton Melon, Ogen’s hitting you right in the feels.


5. Organigram

The gang is here at Shred, making your weed experience better and easier. Organigram produces in New Brunswick and has expanded its Shred-iverse lineup to include kief, gummies, and vapes. Have a sweet tooth? Their Shred’Ems Pop edibles include Root Beer Float and Cola Chaos.


6. Stewart Farms

Cannabis isn’t just consumed via edibles and smoking. Stewart Farms is a sustainable farm with pure, clean products, and innovative technologies. In addition to topical creams, their ReBound product introduces a balanced salt soak allowing you to relax to an ultimate level.


7. Highland Grow

Highland Grow is bringing top-tier cannabis from the rugged coast of Nova Scotia to yours. Buds range from high-THC Indica and Sativa dominant strains to a hybrid strain, complete with unique flavours, colours, and home-grown names like Gaelic Fire and Sensi Wizard.


8. Spinach

Laughs, epic moments, and experiences shared with friends are where Spinach is legendary. Focused on delivering the right high for the right moment, products like Spinach FEELZ are a blend of CBD, THC, and terpenes within edible gummies or vape juice. Have more of a sour palate? Their Sourz lineup offers fun flavours like Blue Raspberry Watermelon and Cherry Lime.


9. Back Forty

Disconnect and head into a cannabis adventure because the Back Forty (B40) is ready for exploration. Manufactured with precision in care in PEI, B40 Cannabis has a roster of products – pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, and dried flowers – and are at the tip of your fingers (we know that’s where you want it).


10. Original Stash

Quality, authentic, and uncomplicated weed. Produced on the east coast of Canada in Newfoundland, Original Stash prides itself on not being fancy but just real, the way your weed should be. From joints to hash and pre-roll multipacks – hello powdered donuts – it’s time to get your stash.


With over 400 items in stock at our Calgary and Airdrie cannabis stores; or online, trying craft cannabis will get you feeling high on the good times. Learn more about our products and producers including; British Columbia and Alberta-grown craft cannabis companies through our blog.