Alberta Craft Cannabis vs BC Craft Cannabis

It’s always been a battle between Alberta and BC, and that’s no different when it comes to cannabis products. 13th Floor Cannabis operates cannabis stores in Calgary and Airdrie and are rolling up weed products to their consumers in the form of pre-rolls, edibles, topicals, and flowers. But what side of the battle are Calgarians actually on – are they purchasing more cannabis produced in Alberta or BC? We think we know the answer.

Alberta Craft Cannabis

Calgarians are loyal to their home province and with that, are proud to support locally, home-grown cannabis products. Being one of the largest cannabis markets in Canada, Alberta cannabis producers pride themselves on growing in small batches to preserve the quality and creating a product of the highest standards. Coming in with over 20 Alberta companies, there is no limit of local options to select from like hitting the deep end with Poolboy, diving into a chocolate bar with Bernard’s Cannabis Creations, or soft chews from Dyna Dreams. Just a few more of our favourites include Stigma Grow, Sitinkt, Ogen, Queen of Bud and Joi Botanicals.

BC Craft Cannabis

It’s no surprise BC is well-renowned for producing some of the best cannabis in Canada. From water and sunshine to the surrounding hills, the environment is at the forefront of every weed product. BC craft cannabis producers roll up their sleeves, harvest by hand, and make other environmentally friendly choices to ensure sustainability is top of mind. With over 15 BC cannabis companies, 13th Floor Cannabis has a variety of choices to select from such as Versus, Coast Mountain Cannabis, and Pure Sunfarms.

Whether you select Alberta or BC cannabis products, there’s no wrong choice. From sustainable choices to small batch growing, 13th Floor Cannabis is here to help you buy legal cannabis. Visit the best cannabis stores in Calgary and the third location in Airdrie and chat with a connoisseur to find the right weed product for you. Learn more through the online shop or blog program.