A Guide to CBD: Oils, Edibles and Flowers

Cannabis isn’t just about smoking to fly high. Nowadays, it is widely popular for its health benefits, consumed best in the form of sweet edibles, oils, or topically applied. We know what THC does, but do you know what CBD is about? From oils and edibles to flowers, we at 13th Floor Cannabis are here with the buzz on all things CBD and a guide to the benefits, similarities, and differences.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is no stranger to the spotlight. Coming in second as the highest prominent compound within cannabis, next to THC, CBD doesn’t produce the intoxication or high. CBD is a natural remedy that presents a variety of health benefits for anxiety, pain relief, insomnia, chronic pain, pre or post-workout supplement, and much more – with little to no psychoactive properties. But did you know there are different forms of CBD? Whether you choose oils, edibles, or flowers, each has a high or low rate – how fast the body ingests it – providing you with the best relief for your needs.


CBD oil can be ingested by drops in a drink or swallowing as is (don’t worry, it’s typically unflavoured so there’s no worry about bad taste). That said, for fast absorption, hold the drop under your tongue for a few seconds before swallowing to see relief in as little as under 30 minutes (don’t hold us to this). Due to its high bioavailability rate, its effects last longer making it a good choice for those who use CBD for anxiety or pain relief. Another added benefit of consuming via oil is that you are in control of your dosage. Start with small amounts and work your way up to where you are comfortable – no surprises with this one!


Who knew eating cannabis could be so delicious?! Edibles are all they crave as they come in various flavours that will satisfy your sweet tooth craving and provide relief at the same time – it’s double duty. Gummies are the most popular form of edibles that take longer for absorption than oils, as they travel through your digestive tract. Further, edibles can be unpredictable with the dosage amount in each so be mindful of where you consume them. But trust us… they are a good time.


If you are looking for the fastest absorption rate to enjoy the benefits of CBD, smoking CBD flower will do the trick due to its high bioavailability rate. Inhaling is more potent as it reaches your brain faster, resulting in a faster onset of the beneficial effects. Different flower strains aid for different purposes:

  • Hybrid is best suited for pain relief
  • Sativa for seeking help with anxiety
  • Indica is popular if you are looking for assistance with sleep

Our experts at our Calgary or Airdrie stores are ready to give you the 420 (see what we did there) on CBD oils, edibles, and flowers that best suit your needs. Before you get there, learn more about the ABCs of CBD and its relatives CBN and CBG.

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